Night Prayer for June 10

Lord of the universe, your embracing presence is felt in this room, you are flooding my being with your sweet love and my life is placed at your feet with this little prayer. Tonight I ask you my God, to relieve my tiredness and my fatigue, that this rest may help me to repair my spent strength. Thank you for having allowed me to reach these hours with you my Lord.

I do not want this night to end without first raising your name to heaven to glorify and thank you for all the wonders that you sow in every moment of my life. Thank you for the joy of having all these opportunities, which give me many teachings to be a better servant every day.

Let me stay with you, so I can listen to your voice in the meditation of my heart, which envelops this night silence. Help me to have a body filled with your Holy Spirit, which completely renews my soul and impels me to carry your example with full freedom and courage.

With much sorrow, I beg your forgiveness blessed Father because sometimes my actions do not agree with what I proclaim, grant me your immense mercy my Lord, for deciding to walk without You, or because I exhausted all my strength in actions that do not fill me in a spiritual way. 

I ask you with great care for my family, bless them with health and alleviate the illnesses or internal conflicts they may be going through, may the love we have for each other be the reflection of your existence, that we know you and we have your providence. 

No one like You, merciful God, give me the necessary strength not to falter in the face of trial and to remain united to them at all times, under any circumstance. I ask You to enter their lives so that they may be grateful to You and not be ashamed to bend their knees in happiness and need.

All my dreams and my new challenges are placed in You my Lord, do what is convenient for me to reach towards your precious heaven, to live in communion with You from the beginning of the day until it ends.

Good night my dear Father, I take refuge in your presence to be able to replenish my strength and rest my thoughts, give me the opportunity to say once again that I love you in the new dawn that is about to come, if that is your will, I do what you ask me, in the name of your Son Jesus, Amen.

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