Night Prayer for June 11

Lord of my life, the night comes to surprise us with its silence, and I can only approach You to thank You for this day lived. The spark of your love kept me well enough to be able to carry out most of my scheduled activities; I have health, a happy family and your company.

May nothing burden me so that I may have a restful rest. Calm my mind of all the worries that want to disturb me, I know that you are by my side Lord; cover my body and soul with your immaculate arms and infuse me with perpetual grace. Drive the storms away from my room, from my life completely, welcome your protecting Spirit.

I take this night to ask you to fill my loved ones with blessings, take great care of them, leading them on the paths of your perfect kingdom. Shine like your stars my Lord, shine in our hearts, so that we may be faithful witnesses of your existence and your message. 

Take my life united to the fire of your love, that you may transform me into the rest of your Spirit. I want to be an offering that pleases you, in all that I say, do or express, so that in the end we may be one in this world, and thus be able to reach all those who seek you in desperation.

Teach me to be light and salt for all the existing corners of this world, that I may not be afraid to fight for a dawn with more awareness of your love.

Precious Lord, before leaving me in your arms, I would like to ask you for the people who are having a hard time tonight, either at work, in their homes or have some inner emptiness. Fill their hearts with happiness and remind them how important they are in your eyes, do not let sorrows blind them from their faith, do not let them turn away from you.

Take my weariness and all my heaviness, so that you may relieve them and grant me the calm I need to heal my soul; so that I may have a day filled with the possibility of being born again with your mercy and face tomorrow’s adversity.

If it is within your plans to give me a new awakening, grant me the willpower to carry out with great confidence every activity that you propose to me. Dear Father, I am ready to rest in You, take care of my dreams please, I ask in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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