Night Prayer for June 12

Most High Father, I never stop thinking about what my life would be like without You and I thank You for having known You through those people who offered me a helping hand and who did not allow my life to be filled with complete darkness.

My heart celebrates to heaven because You came into my life at the moment I needed You the most and today, in spite of the difficulty I try to remain in You. Thank you, my God, for allowing me to arrive until today, for one more night in your company, to meditate on all the signs of affection, love and tenderness that you manifest hour after hour of the day. 

I do not want to stop being pleasing to you Lord, because in your eyes it tells me that I am perfect, because you always awaken my heart so that I can do things with sense and purpose, so that I can value myself as a person and value very much those around me as your brothers and children. 

Thank you holy Father, because I have everything I need to be happy, and tonight I want to dispose my life, my body and my mind to your providence. I feel very tired Lord, I ask you to allow me to remain in your grace, to replenish all that I leave today in each work.

Today I want to ask you in a special way, for the people who are bedridden for a long time because of their illnesses, give them a fighting spirit so that they can surrender their pains to heaven and calm their moments of despair. 

I also ask you for the families of these people, who suffer when they see them so weak, do not allow their faith to go downhill, may they hold on tighter to your hand. Encourage their hearts with much hope and focus their gaze towards your light, that they may unite bonds between them and be supportive of each other, tell them in many ways that all will be well, that they have nothing to fear because you are on their side.

On this serene night, I come on my knees to beg your forgiveness and mercy. During the day I have escaped by impulse, actions that are not to your liking and with shame I ask you to grant me your absolution, O Father of goodness. 

Be the star that illuminates my dark night Lord, and be with me in my night’s rest. Give me a new day for my life, if it is your will my God. All this I ask trusting in your promises and immersed in your unfailing love, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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