Night Prayer for December 6

Blessed Lord, I want to thank you tonight for the beautiful day you gave me today. Thank you because despite my mistakes you did not abandon me and you were in the moments that I needed you the most. Now I want to ask you to take care of my dreams so that I can regain the energy I lost and start a better tomorrow.

I want to thank you tonight, God, because your love and kindness are incomparable. I had moments to decide and I chose well. Thank you because the day turned out in my favor and because new projects and opportunities arose that I must take.

I want to apologize for the mistakes that I have committed during the day. Sorry when the worries cloud my mind and my temperamental reactions hurt my brothers, sorry for the doubts that my mind generates and for the lack of confidence that can make me feel when things are not going well for me.

Blessed God, take control of my actions, I owe everything to You and I put everything under your hands. On this night, when I am about to rest, take the worries out of my head so that it does not feel so loaded and dense and I can have a pleasant and comforting rest.

Thank you, merciful God, because I know that you will not take into account the failures that I have made. Thank you for allowing me to return home to serve as a refuge for me. Thank you for not forgetting to provide the necessary food to share with the family.

I want to ask you specially for the problem that I have not been able to solve so that you allow me to do it with the calm and wisdom necessary to be able to address it in the best way. You know everything that is causing this situation in me and I ask you to help me get out of this to happily proclaim your victory.

Thank you again for the day that is coming to an end, I praise you and bless you with everything that is in me. I want you to be the only path that I must follow, day by day and night by night, a path full of truth, love and much mercy.

I am going to sleep trusting in your love, blessed King of kings. Thank you for showing me in thousands of ways that I am the most important thing to You. If it is your will, grant me a day full of blessings and a lot of productivity. 

May my head rest on the pillow with the certainty that you will illuminate a new dawn with your radiant sun, all this I ask and thank you, in the precious name of Jesus, Amen.

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