Night Prayer for June 13

My God, as night falls, your presence makes me feel more secure and as your love floods my room, I come closer to You with my humble prayer. You know Lord, sometimes I feel undeserved for all the blessings you give me because every day I fail, I am overcome by selfishness or indifference.

Thank you for this beautiful day that you granted me, for the beautiful sun and the wonderful landscape full of color that enkindles my heart with hope. Thank you for the people you placed this day, to be able to share with them and be their support when something ails them, because I could enjoy every hug and every look of yours placed on them.

I do not want to give myself to sleep, without first proclaiming your wonders Lord, because your love always waits no matter who it is, or the time it is, because the color that you put in the sky and what surrounds us, colors my spirit to know that you are there too.

I thank you in a special way for the family you give me, I feel so happy, you could not have chosen anything better than them for me. Thank You my God because You do not leave us alone and You try to prevail in our home, so that we do not forget You, because You give us the strength to be able to continue on the road, even though sometimes it becomes very long and difficult.

Thank You my dear Father, because You keep food on my table every day, You do not allow us to be in more need than to have You among us, thank You for the clothes we have to protect us from the cold and because we can enjoy the health and the good principles that You give us.

I ask you please to grant me peace of mind tonight, to keep away all worries that burden my dreams so I can sleep with the confidence that you pour out many blessings so that tomorrow, I can start again by your hand.

Help me to realize in time my mistakes so that I may have the courage to ask your forgiveness and to ask forgiveness from the person I hurt. Wrap me in your grace again my God.

Teach me to be ever closer to You, for You alone know the heart and the truth that each of your children holds. Lead me to a new dawn if it is your will, but today stay with me to watch over my dreams, I feel very tired Lord, renew my strength because I need you, in the company of Jesus, Amen.

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