Night Prayer for June 14

God, master of my life and all that exists, the day has come to an end. Kneeling at the foot of my bed, I come to you to magnify your name, for you make all things good and new. For in your light I can see beyond myself and identify myself as your child, like your soul. 

Thank you Lord, because you make me see that, if you have allowed me to continue with you until now, it is because you see in me a hope and that motivates my tired heart very much. Thank you so much for giving yourself in such a way that my life will have meaning wherever I go. 

Beautiful God, thank you for keeping me healthy until now, for giving me once again the opportunity to work or study hard, for meeting and sharing with wonderful people, thank you for all those beautiful experiences that draw smiles on my face.

Tonight, with full confidence I surrender to you all my burdens and the turbulences that are going around in my thoughts. I want to wake up with a more hopeful vision and a heart restored in your love, eager to serve with all my being all the people in need of You.

Set aside the feelings of failure and fear, let my mind be assured that I am a courageous person because you are with me fighting battle after battle. I lean on You my God, You are my rock and the reason for my existence.

I ask you to please take no account of my faults and failures, tonight I want to rejoice in your grace to rest. Disentangle my mind Lord, for I need You much more than the night to the stars. Today I implore your mercy, to rest peacefully without sin or evil thinking wanting to disturb us.

My Lord, I have many plans for my life, I pray for them, determine what is necessary, beneficial for me, but above all, help me to live. Today I let you dwell in every space of my room, in every corner of my home, in all the people who dwell in it. Consider all this that I ask of you my God.

If it is your will, give me the possibility to raise my spirits and show you my love with all my actions, I want to please you my God. Under your protection I take refuge, O Holy Father in heaven, good night in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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