Night Prayer for June 15

Majestic Lord, tonight I leave myself in your love. Sustain my life with your peace and let your blessings fall upon me, like raindrops, so that they may help me to flourish actions that fill my soul with You. 

Thank you for choosing me among so many as your servant, for belonging to your heart, for accompanying me in all the decisions I have made during the morning. At this moment, I only wish to rest in your arms as the smallest child I am in your eyes, blessed Father.

Wonderful God, thank you for the joys I received this day, thank you for my beautiful family, for the honorable work you give me and for all the activities I was able to do. Thank you for coming to this world to make me happy and to help me forget all the bad things I have lived and to take advantage of this present as opportunities full of blessings.

I also thank you for the complicated moments that I had to live, those in which sometimes I do not find the explanation to understand them. Because I know that you are not far from me and when anguish invades me, I can find you to seek comfort.

Thank you for encouraging my day, for not letting me give up and that in spite of my tiredness, my heart still has a little bit of strength left to thank you. Renew my strength again Lord, to continue to persevere in your way, because I can find true life in you.

Thank You that in spite of my darkness, You continue to love me as the first time I set foot in this world, You are attentive to my supplications and You protect me from the wickedness of the enemy.

Taking advantage of the serenity of the night, I pray for the most sacred thing after You: my family. Do not stop taking care of them, look at their essences and not their sins so that You may continue to remain in every part of their existence, thank You for the joy of having them, for the way in which they support me. I ask you to help us to remain united, to know how to forgive and above all, to live in communion with you.

Take all my worries and insecurities far away, I offer them to You so that You may help me to rest and concentrate on all the things that will help me to grow in faith starting tomorrow. I know you hear me Lord, grant me a new dawn full of color in the sky and in my heart, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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