Night Prayer for June 16

Lord of light and hope, the night comes and envelops us with its silence, I raise my heart to your altar to pray with you and tell you once again: Thank you! I have the greatest love by my side, I have You, thank You for the opportunities given with confidence this day.

You did not let go of my hand for an instant, thank you because I could feel your company, and so, as the stars brighten this wonderful night, I ask you to be a star in my rest once again. Take care of my dreams and fill my life with strength to go fearlessly fighting for a better tomorrow than today.

Adored God of the universe, I come with a sincere heart and a very tired body to be released from all the tensions I experienced today. I place everything at your feet, for there is no better place for me.

Tonight is heavenly, because You are present, that is why I want to take advantage that You are here to praise and bless Your name over this whole room, indeed, over the whole world. For only You Lord are Holy and I have been able to feel that You were with me in every activity.

Thank You also, for the people that You put in my path to be able to share a little more of them and for the teachings that they left me with their experiences. I thank you also for the people who remain by my side until now with much patience, despite my defects.

I see them and I realize how great your love is, I ask that you always bless them and that they pray with you at all times, under any circumstance. Strengthen their spirits so that they will not be overcome by adversity.

Lord, if there was a moment, in which my lack of faith showed my weaknesses, I beg your forgiveness my God. I believe in You and I love You, but sometimes I feel very disturbed by so many things that happen to me and to those I love the most. Forgive me also, if I could not understand my neighbor and I judged him without proof, I want to be a new son, a new vessel in your hands my God.

Tonight my heart needs You, I place all that unsettles my mind in Your hands to awaken with a good face to the morning that is to come. I rest in the knowledge that I am being heard and heeded. I fall asleep under your care and protection blessed Father and in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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