Night Prayer for June 17

Father of my heart, in this dark night, I desire that you come to be light in my room and in my life. Although I may not have the wisest words for this prayer, be assured that they are very sincere, from my heart to your heaven my God. 

Thank you blessed Lord, because this day you gave me many talents, many blessings that are decorating more and more life, because you grant me beautiful moments, which I have enjoyed and remain engraved in my memory. Do not go beloved Father, stay tonight and watch over my dreams please.

On my knees before your majestic presence, I ask you to be the master of my heart, give me a rest where I can replenish my lost energies, so I can then accomplish the things that you will present to me tomorrow. 

Beautiful Lord, in spite of the difficulties, I thank You because I continue to trust in You, because You do not leave me alone and You continue to support me so that I do not fall. This day you gave me the strength to finish most of my work with the certainty that every effort is rewarded in heaven if it is done for your glory.

Today I would like to make a special request to you, my God. I would like You to see for all the people of this world who are so immersed in sadness, who have lost faith and hope in You, for those who have been abandoned, who feel that their life has no value. 

How grateful I feel my heavenly Father, because you were in my care all day long, attentive to each step I took and watching over the ones I love the most, we have been able to perceive your presence, thank you for giving us that dose of love to survive in this world that is becoming more and more perverse.

Thank you for the unity, because despite the bad times we can go through, your love makes everything beautiful, teaches us to forgive and to look at your face among us. Help us not to tire of each other and may prayer be the fundamental tool to continue uniting our bonds in your presence.

If you want it this way my God, give me the joy of being able to live one more day with you and with the people I love. Show me always all the reasons to keep on fighting and walking in your paths. Take care of me from all evil, watch over my dreams and give me a restful rest, I love you Lord, today and always. All this I say in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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