Night Prayer for June 18

Blessed King of the universe, arriving from today’s journey, I feel very weak like the gloom of this night; but I do not want to close my eyes without first placing myself in your presence to thank you for all that I have experienced this day. 

This day was full of many blessings, I ask You to let my body have the rest it needs tonight. I place before You all my ailments and my worries, help me to be able to clarify all my doubts and alleviate all that ails me, that which is too difficult for me to carry. 

To be able to sleep calmly, I need You to forgive me for the mistakes I made, grant me the humility I lack to recognize that I am not perfect and that I cannot do things if I do not include You in them, forgive me for my arrogance or perhaps indifference before my brothers, with a broken and ashamed heart I ask You to have mercy, I want to learn to forgive others as You do with me.

Heal my heart Lord, cleanse every wound that sometimes prevents me from seeing the opportunity to be a better child, husband or wife, mother or father. Renew me blessed Father, I have many things to change but I know I can do it if I do not turn away from You.

I feel very grateful for the family you gave me, thank you for blessing them and making them an important part of my life. Thank you for keeping us healthy, because you allowed us to return home protected from all evil and also to share food on our table, after the long routine. 

Illuminate my path with your stars, clarify every step I have to take. Fill me with strength not to give up in the daily struggle, do not leave me in the darkness of the night. Mark indelibly the hope in my being, so that no matter how many dark valleys I go through, I will not be afraid to walk.

Precious God, I want to continue thanking You for the good and bad moments of this day, because I was able to learn from each one of them, which will help me to forge my life in a better way. I ask You not to let me despair, that I may receive everything with much tranquility, and then take the best solutions for each dilemma.

I wish with all my heart that every request will be heard. For now I just want to rest in the certainty that I will be the guardian of my dreams and that tomorrow You will give me a very blessed day, if it is Your will. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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