Night Prayer for June 19

Blessed guardian, tonight, after a long day, I come to contemplate your starry sky and my heart also wants to thank you. Kneeling before you, I want to thank you for all the beautiful things you do for me.

Thank you for being by my side from sunrise to sunset, now I ask you to please watch over my dreams, that while I sleep I may not be disturbed by anything. Cover me with the shelter of your mercy tonight and wrap my heart with your infinite love.

Today I want to ask your forgiveness so that I may sleep with calm in my soul Lord, because the impulses that win me over and I hurt others, because perhaps my mind goes ahead before I get to know people and I make judgments without need. 

Teach me to recognize myself as a humble sinner, to have the courage to ask forgiveness from my brothers. Do not let me be filled with resentment, I know that hurts cannot be forgotten, but help me to heal my wounds, so that I may remember without pain.

I give you all my God: my dreams, my plans, my tiredness, my past and my present, I give you everything; so that you can dispose of them and teach me to be strong in them. I abandon myself in Your arms so that You may take my life as You will and make of it what You see fit.

In the darkness of the night, kindle a light Lord and shed all your goodness upon this space. Take care of my home and all the people who make up my family, do not let the devil harm us with his cunning, do not let him sow insecurities and generate conflicts between us.

When the storm comes, do not leave me Lord, I want your presence to be in the moments where my faith is broken, where doubt invades me, come to my aid, O Father, open roads and give me the certainty that everything can be achieved, although it seems with the circumstances, that it is impossible.

I raise this prayer to your altar my God, I know that you hear me because you are my Father. If You will it, grant me a new dawn full of opportunities to be a witness of your love for others and to do all things under your will, good night my Lord, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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