Night Prayer for June 20

Father of my heart, thank you because you have stayed by my side and because today I will rest with many dreams to fulfill and although I feel very exhausted, my heart retains the excitement of continuing on this path.

Tonight, I place in your hands my tiredness and the worries that hover in my head, You who are the God of peace, take all of it and transform it into rest for my body and tranquility for my fragile mind. 

Blessed Father, without cleansing my soul I cannot rest, and today on my knees before You, I beg Your forgiveness for the damages I did with or without intention, for the imprudent words that perhaps hurt my brothers, because my resentment is stronger than my love, forgive me Lord. 

You know Lord, sometimes I don’t feel worthy of so many blessings for my failures. But even this, makes me see beyond everything, you make me see how great you are in love, I see that there are no limits for you, and that through that love you can clean every stain and change the hearts grieved by so much damage that the world offers.

You have kept me in good health so that I can work with more strength, thank you good God. So much so that I have been able to return home and reserve what energy I have left to talk with you tonight. Thank you because I discover you not only in the good and beautiful, but also in my sadness, in my pain and misery. I want your love to be always my liberation, my inexhaustible motor.

Thank you for taking care of my family, for the way they are with me, because they bear with me in the bad moments and share with joy the good ones. Give them tonight a conciliatory sleep of all disturbance of all evil and give them a day full of life, I give it to you Lord, they are my most precious treasure.

Father, King of heaven, help me to organize well all that you offer me, from the simplest things such as my room, my mind, my work or studies; everything that concerns my life and my spirit. Thank you for choosing me daily my God, for loving me as your little child.

Thank you once again, for I will be able to close my eyes with the conviction that I will be under your watchfulness and protection. Renew my strength and my heart, so that every dawn and dusk I may follow you with the cross on my breast, without turning back, in the blessed name of Jesus, Amen.

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