Night Prayer for June 21

Blessed God of the universe, at the beginning of this night, I come to your presence to pray from heart to heart. Today I feel very blessed to arrive here safe and sound, under your care. Thank you for this good day that you have given me, for my well being and that of my loved ones.

Thank you blessed Father, because you give me many moments to enjoy, and because you gave me courage to face with firmness the adversities of the day to day. Today I was able to see your face and recognize myself as your son, thank you because you let me emerge victorious from various trials.

Today I want to thank you for the people you put in my path, thank you for allowing me to know a little more of their lives, to listen to them and let me listen to them. I also thank you for the blessing I have as a family, for the existence of each one of us.

You know absolutely everything about us, I feel grateful because you covered our needs and did not let us go without food or a roof to sleep under after a long day.

Thank you majestic Father, because you have the power to keep us safe throughout the morning, because your goodness and your love are like unfading flowers before the arrival of the enemy, and you cover us so that we can carry out our daily activities with peace of mind, with the confidence of your existence.

Blessed Father, today I want to surrender myself completely to your love during my sleep and be consumed in You like the candle at the foot of your altar, because although doubts repeatedly appear in my mind, You continue to stay by my side and in spite of my weaknesses, You continue to trust me.

Beloved Lord, give me the possibility to be able to restore my soul from sin, I ask your forgiveness for the mistakes I made during the day, for some things that perhaps hurt my brothers and sisters and caused my soul to take a few steps back from your presence because of my pride.

 I place in your hands this heart to be more of You, and to be able to see what your love does for my life. Heal every pain that may exist and make me a new vessel. Grant me a peaceful rest, that I may replenish my strength, so that at dawn, I may give my all for all for Your glory, good night dear Father, in the blessed name of Jesus, Amen.

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