Night Prayer for June 22

Good Father, tonight I come before You to adore You, because there is nothing better than to be in Your presence before I close my eyes and surrender to rest. Thank you beloved Lord, for this day that you have given me. For You have kept away the evils that exist in this world, so that I may perform all the thousand planned duties.

Tonight I ask you to fix your eyes on me, and may that gaze cover my soul like a soft blanket. Release all the worries that afflict me so that they do not disturb my dreams, so as not to burden them in this new dawn, because all this weighs and I do not want to drag it anymore Lord, it will not let me move forward on the path you have traced for me. 

Allow me to raise your name through heaven and earth, because You deserve all the best blessed God, maybe it does not compare to the perfect that You offer me daily in my life, but it is all I have from my being, for You. 

Thank You for the experiences I lived, for the good ones that left me smiles in my heart together with several people that I love very much. Also for the bad ones, that beyond the pain or the thorn that they leave, they have a teaching to direct me towards your kingdom and to value every effort that is made to achieve all that we want under your precepts.

I feel so happy to be recognized as your son, I wish that you always help me to get through all the trials that are to come, to not be afraid to go against the current, to go against worldly normality, because the glory of this earth is vain and there is nothing stable about it. 

I would like to thank you in a special way for the family you gave me. Take good care of each other’s hearts and if there are conflicts between us, help us to remember that we are unity, that you have brought us to support each other. 

I ask you for the welfare of each one without exception, for the moments they are about to live, for their projects, their goals. If they have something that squeezes their hearts, embrace them in your mercy during their breaks and increase their faith under all circumstances.

I adore you with all my heart Lord, I already surrender to the rest that you will give me, with the hope of a dawn full of blessings and reasons to continue seeking you, be the reason for my being in good and bad blessed Father, good night in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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