Night Prayer for June 23

Lord God, my Savior; the night has come to keep us company and to envelop my prayer with the starry twinkling that You created for me to be able to contemplate You there. I place all my thoughts, a little disordered and attached to my tired body, to pray open-heartedly for You.

Today I experience once again how immeasurable is your love for humanity and I feel very happy Lord, thank you because you have remained with me all the time, giving me the security to do my things with freedom, avoiding the obstacles and facing the problems that have arisen throughout the day.

Lord, the more real your presence becomes, the more beautiful this night becomes; and I would like to ask you for those who have not finished their day well, that most things have not gone well for them and who were involved in various problems, because they were experiencing melancholy almost all day, for those who feel helpless and that no one understands them. Receive them Lord, they need you even if they do not express it.

Give them the tranquility they seek, and fill their hearts with peace and much hope. May they not lose the illusion of walking with you, so that they may continue to trust in your promises, even if things are not going as well as they would like. 

Teach them to remain calm and to be certain that in your plan, you have tattooed the name of each one of them. May they not let themselves be carried away by anguish or loneliness, may they not stop looking for you to obtain everything they have desired in order to be happy.

Thank you, beloved God, because you fill my life with joys with the good moments that you allowed me to live. Also for filling my life with lessons and teachings for my formation, through the sad moments and of much confusion. 

Good Father, today I want to rest with a clean heart, I want to reconcile with You, to return to You. I ask You to forgive the faults I have committed against You and my brothers and sisters. Pour your mercy over my life and grant me the opportunity to resume your plans with greater righteousness and obedience.

Embrace me tonight my God, I want to fall asleep in your arms, I give you all that I carry within me and the people I love most so that, if your will allows, I can have a dawn full of blessings and new ideals, good night Lord, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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