Night Prayer for June 24

Father of my heart, the night put an end to the sunny day, and I want to thank you for having arrived here accompanied by your blessing. Thank you blessed God, because I have had a morning and afternoon filled with your infinite love, you have embraced me throughout the day and that fills my soul with fullness and joy. 

I would like to remain forever in your love my Lord, your peace and your goodness are beyond compare. I adore You tonight, with all the strength I have left, because You deserve the best, everything is for You beloved God. Thank You for taking care of me from the beginning to the end of the day.

Tonight I want to make a petition for the people who can not sleep, because the problems constantly haunt their heads. Because they have problems of unemployment or academic problems, they feel desperate because they have all the willingness to do things, but the opportunities do not present themselves and they are submerged in sadness or anger.

You understand them better than anyone else Lord, give them the calm they need and renew hope in them, so they can understand that your plans are better than theirs and that above all, the time in which you establish them is the most perfect. 

My heart thanks you again Lord, because I have tried to live every moment that you gave me today, for the good and bad circumstances that you allowed. I have been able to appreciate your beautiful landscapes and beautiful people with whom I have shared many experiences and smiles, thank you for putting them in this day. 

I feel very grateful for the academic and work opportunities that you give me. Because this way, I can bring some economic stability to my home or value the effort that my family makes so that I can study, I do not want to waste anything thank you blessed God.

Lord, may the last thing I do tonight, is to talk to you and praise you. I have many desires that I want to share with you and leave them at your feet, You will know if it is really the right thing for me or at what time to take them into account. 

Close this night with an eternal embrace my Lord, I need it to be able to rest my tired body and relieve my worries or thoughts that do not let me move forward. I hope by your will to have a beautiful dawn full of new possibilities to love and serve, all this I ask in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.

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