Night Prayer for June 25

Blessed God, thank you for allowing me to end my day with many blessings, I have had the opportunity to experience your love in the moments that I have been able to live hour after hour of this day. Thank you for the security that you gave me to be able to face the things that were presented to me and to arrive here with you.

Allow my eyes to close with the favor of your mercy and your divine forgiveness, for the faults I have committed today, O Lord. Forgive me, O Father, for all the negative things I did today or for omitting some that I should have done. 

Tonight I ask you, for those who are suffering from some illness or have sick family members, who are suffering from ailments, who are desperate and feel that they cannot find a way out of this situation. Calm their hearts, heal their pains and their illnesses please. 

Help them, my Lord, to understand the time that You have for each thing and that, in spite of these difficulties, You have a plan for each one of them, that they may look for calm in You and not be overwhelmed anymore, because each problem or hard moment enlarges the soul and matures the spirit.

I also entrust you with the people who are important in my life, with all my dreams, my short and long term goals, so that you may consider them and make them real at the moment it is necessary. 

Thank you beloved Father for allowing me to work or study in an honest way, because you gave me a safe roof to return safe and sound after completing all my tasks, for the food that filled me with energy this morning, for the people I saw and shared with today, in them I can see your face telling me that you are with me.

May my eyes always praise you and give you glory, because you are holy my Lord, you are wonderful and your love is absolute for all your creatures and your children, I praise you in truth and if at any moment I lack words, may my actions honor you blessed Father.

Once again merciful God, thank you, for waiting for me, for trusting me and loving me so much. I wish tomorrow to be a comforting day, full of challenges and much learning. I rest in your arms Father, I rest in You confident that You will be the relief my soul craves, in Jesus’ blessed name forever and ever, Amen.

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