Night Prayer for June 26

Majestic Lord, today the night accompanies us again, bidding farewell to the day with the wonderful sunset that you painted in front of my eyes so I can remember that you are still by my side. Thank you for this long day that you gave me. 

Blessed God, thank you very much for all that I lived and discovered today in the moments of happy sharing with my family and people very close to me, also for the not so good moments, but that in some way will be of benefit to grow spiritually, to mature before the world and gain experience.

Lord of goodness, You who know absolutely everything about me, You know that I cannot hide anything from You, neither my defects nor my virtues. Today I ask You to help me to always be frank with You and to have enough strength not to fail You constantly, because if I could be granted one wish my God, it would be to never hurt You. 

You are the only gateway to true life, to You I raise my prayer and all my praise pious Lord. Blessed are you always, because you touch the hardest hearts to make them meek and sweet like yours. I want to praise You in my moments of joy, as well as in my saddest moments, even if I only feel broken, I praise You in truth, beautiful Father.

I am aware that today I have failed you in my indifference or in my impulsive words towards my brothers, forgive me Lord, for not seeing your face in those moments of confusion and letting myself be carried away by my emotions. I want to return to You for Your infinite mercy and be a new child.

Tonight I offer you all my laments, my doubts and my feelings of oppression, so that your holy charity may dwell in my heart and in every space of this house so that you may keep us away from evil. Cover us with your protection so that we may be far from dangers. I want to be certain that you watch over me as I give myself to full rest.

Do not let evil thoughts torment my mind, drive them away with the power of your Holy Spirit please, so that all those feelings of pessimism or discouragement may be far away from me and my home. Sustain my life with faith and revive my soul.

Shield me under your mantle, there I have no fear holy God. I want to sleep sheltered in your arms and abandon myself to all that you have prepared for me. I love you, I adore you and I wait for you my Lord, in the company of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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