Night Prayer for June 27

Beloved and merciful Lord, today I want to take advantage of this night that you give me to tell you that I feel very grateful for how good you are. Thank you because you have brought me home tired but healthy, because you helped me to carry out my activities successfully during the long day.

Little by little the urban noise fades away and I take the opportunity to meditate in my inner self on everything that has happened. In the silence of my room, I remember the good moments I have been able to experience through your landscapes, the people I shared at work, in my community or in my study center, perhaps I crossed paths with some I had not seen for a long time and they filled my heart with joy. 

I also bring to my mind the difficult moments, because at times it was a complicated day. Although it is hard for me, I thank you blessed God for the adverse situations that you allowed me to live, in which I know that they will mold me to face reality with more faith. May every suffering or every problem glorify me, pious Father.

Do not allow any bad thought to torment my sleep Lord, I would like to rest peacefully, free of everything that hurts me so that later, I can wake up thinking of You. Take away every negative feeling, every sadness, take it far away from me.

Heavenly Father, thank you very much for giving me the joy of being your son, of belonging to your kingdom, for not leaving me alone during the day and for taking care of me so that I can do all my activities under your watchfulness. Thank you for blessing my home, my studies, my workplace and for letting me share one more day with many people I love. 

Tonight I want to give you as an offering my life Lord, together with all my thoughts, my dreams and what breaks my heart so that you take them with great care and tell me if all of them are within your plans or within your will, so that I can fulfill them with great humility and obedience.

I ask you to please grant me a new awakening to finish some things that I did not finish doing, to be able to amend my mistakes and to fight once again to be a good person. I want to serve You much better than today and learn more from You.

Good night my God, watch over and watch over my dreams. Give me a restful rest where I can share and enjoy all that You have prepared with the most important people in my life. Please watch over their dreams too and help us to remain in your presence from beginning to end, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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