Night Prayer for June 28

Blessed Almighty God, the day has come to an end once and what I come to offer you today as a prayer is my tired heart. Today I had a very busy day, with many things to accomplish. I was able to accomplish most of them and some were left pending.

Thank you for the beautiful moments I was able to share with them, because they fill my life with satisfaction, joy and leave a very pleasant mark in my heart and in my mind.

My God, although it is true that today was a very hard day, I thank you because all that effort helped me to have prosperous results in the activities I did, I wish to have the necessary economic stability for my family, I hope to get it Lord, please open the doors I need.

I also thank you for the complicated moments, for the conflicts with friends, family, economic or illnesses that I carry on my back like a heavy cross, help me to carry these burdens because sometimes I feel that I can’t do it anymore my God, empty my heart of sorrows and fill it with courage to continue trusting in You.

Divine Father, give me the faith to be able to renounce myself, and give You my whole life with a more committed “Yes” to whatever You have in store for me in this new day that is about to come. Be that friend who never fails and who is firm in his word, I never want to depart from You, no matter what happens I do not want to stop following You.

This time I ask you for my heart Lord, I feel very burdened, maybe it is because of sin or because the problems weigh me more and more. I ask you for your infinite mercy, may you relieve it and embrace it so tightly, that it makes me lose the notion of time and space, because your love heals everything. 

Help me to fall asleep, vanishing everything that makes me think without measure. Give me the favor of being able to have a full rest, one that heals me from head to toe and makes me a new vessel. Fill me with your peace and your mercy, pour over my whole life and my home please.

Hear all that I offer You and if You will, give me a new sunshine for tomorrow, where I can have the opportunity to be faithful to You once again and improve the things I have within me. Good night my Lord, in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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