Night Prayer for June 29

Father of love and goodness, tonight I want to thank you from my heart for having enveloped my life with your infinite grace and your boundless love. Thank you because you have kept me in good health so that I can carry out my activities with peace of mind and because, from the solitude of my room, I can be embraced by you and then settle down to rest. Come Lord, do not go away, accompany me and watch over my dreams with the faithful guardian that you are, please.

Thank you Lord, for the joy I have to share my life one more day, and with the people I love the most and are the most important since I can remember. Thank you for rowing out to sea with me and for being my great friend in the moments that I needed the most to find a solution to the difficulties that arose today. 

Today I want to raise up to the stars your blessed name, because you light up my darkness with your mercy, blessed and praised be forever my God, You the most beautiful King, I give you honor and glory for all that you have done for me.

I am sorry to disappoint many people and most of all You. You know absolutely everything about me, without filters. Today I come on my knees before You so that You may absolve me of my faults, by Your divine mercy.

Before closing my eyes, I would like to remain in your grace Lord, flood me with your goodness, may your powerful hand caress me once again so that all sin may disintegrate from the depths of my soul, because every fiber of my being needs your forgiveness. 

Thank you for being present in my home and doing many things so that we do not lose sight of you. Tonight, I wish that my prayer becomes stronger and stronger as the hours go by and that in this way our union becomes more solid.

Precious Lord, I want every moment that passes to be enjoyed, shared and at the end meditated on in the farewell of the sunset, for it is there that we will be examined in love. 

My God, if it is your will, give me one more day under your divine grace, where I can trust you more, be faithful to you in the good and in the bad. May it be a dawn full of new opportunities to smile and live to the fullest all the details that you give, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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