Night Prayer for June 30

Merciful Father, night comes again and I, on my knees before your presence, come to give you infinite thanks my Lord, because your love has enveloped my whole day, filling it with many blessings in every activity, in everything I did during this long day. Now, I only want to rest under your watchfulness, so that I can have a dream that fills me with inspiration to dawn with hope in my eyes.

Today you have given me much to live beloved Lord, thank you very much. With all my heart I thank you, because you have given me very pleasant moments, where many smiles and good memories were drawn in me. I also thank you for the moments that were not very pleasant, for those that made my heart sink and made me cry.

With an ashamed heart I come to beg your forgiveness my Lord, for the actions that were not to your complete liking, because perhaps at some point I was indifferent to a request from a brother in Christ. 

Tonight pious Lord, I keep thanking you for taking care of me back home and for taking care of my family too, I ask your blessing for my home and for you to grant us one more day of life to be able to share with you and with them, to be able to also look for better solutions to the problems that daily afflict us and squeeze our hearts and thoughts.

I do not want to let the night pass without extolling your name throughout my room, because you delight in the good deeds that I do before your eyes and because despite my failures, you do not move away from me, blessed are you forever wonderful King, to you all the glory and all my sincere praise and full of gratitude Lord.

Thank You for not taking my sins into account, because You know all the worst in me and yet You decide to stay, to trust me, to give me new opportunities, because with Your gaze You make me value myself more and more before others and make me feel proud to call myself Your child. 

Renew all that is damaged within me, heavenly God, send your Holy Spirit, so that tonight He may be my faithful comforter of sorrows and anguish and who renews my strength.

Adored Lord, tonight I give you everything so that my soul may be light before rest. My dreams, my worries, my illnesses or financial problems are placed before your feet, let me lay my head on your protective arm and if you will, give me one more chance to dawn, in Jesus’ holy name, Amen.

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