Morning Prayer for January 7

Dear Lord, my lips and my whole being give you thanks for this beautiful day that you put before my eyes. Father of love, I thank you because your goodness surrounds me and alleviates any feeling of discomfort that may appear in my life, thank you for the opportunity to enjoy a new day. I ask you to keep the flame of my faith alive and help me overcome the difficult things that come my way today.

Good Father, my joy overflows knowing that you do all things for me, knowing that I am your son and that you will always be there for me when I need you. I put this morning in your hands so that you are the one who guides my steps so that you lead me along the path of truth and if I ever fall or have a stumble, I can become much stronger in you and come out of that moment with flying colors.

Thank you, I want to give you, my God, because you give me a job to support my family, thank you for the studies that I have that prepare me for life, thank you for the food that you put on my table to share, thank you because I have a home that serves as a refuge and as a space for enjoyment with my friends. Thank you that you do not abandon me and place abundance in my home, thank you that I have what it takes to live happily and contentedly.

Today, my good Lord, I want to give you all of me. Grant me health to be able to carry out all my daily activities, grant me the courage and firmness to make decisions that can help me achieve what I want. Fill me with You, beloved Father, to find the happiness and peace that only comes from You. Give me a new heart, full of humility and service, to be able to serve and love my neighbor.

Father of goodness, I want to find You in every man who works, in every mother who sacrifices herself, in every child who smiles or cries, helps me to be of service, and to give your love to the people who need You. Give me the opportunity to live according to what You send me.

My Lord, I want to ask You in a special way for all the people who have a complicated dawn, for those who are suffering from some disease or who are facing a problem of financial debt, so that they do not despair and seek You first to comfort themselves in Your peace.

Father of love, take all the sad and anguished moments that I may experience and help me to solve them. My Lord, I need you to give meaning to my life, to face my trials, and to seek my happiness. I put everything under your feet so that you can take charge of alleviating the sorrows and anguish that I have.

Give me the perseverance to continue praying, give me the strength to continue standing up in the battle, and give me the opportunity to have a day of great benefit and much favor. Mighty God, may your hand protect my life and my home on this day.

Stay by my side, precious Lord, in each of the activities of my life, guide me, and lead me on the path of good. That this morning I can fulfill everything I have in mind and that my actions can please you. Thank you, blessed Father, for this day that I am about to begin in the merciful name of Jesus, Amen.

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