Night prayer for December 7

Dear Lord, once again the night accompanies us and I kneel before your presence to thank you for the immense love that you showed me throughout this day. I thank Eternal Father with joy, Eternal Father, the moments of satisfaction and the moments of anguish, because from both I can get a lesson and a good experience.

Tonight, blessed Lord, I want to ask your forgiveness for those mistakes I have committed, for those mistakes that imprisoned my heart in the cages of sin and for those attitudes that show a bad version of what You want me to be.

Merciful God, I ask you not to take into account my bad acts, but rather those that I have been doing with the conviction that you may like them. Pour out your pity on me and grant me the forgiveness that I long for so that I can rest my body and mind for a new tomorrow.

It is beautiful to contemplate and see the stars in the sky, to know that all creation was made for me, it is wonderful to know that even though I am not worthy of your grace, you give everything to me without limit and measure. Thank you, my Lord, because by remaining in your love I will achieve salvation.

If the day has been exhausting, my God, help me to rest in your presence, fill my life with your peace, give my mind the rest it needs out of worries and away from me all the evil that may lurk. Stay close to me during my dreams, protecting me from every attempt at disturbance from the enemy.

Lord, I want to ask you tonight for calm for my family, for their work and their labors so that you always bless them. Give them the rest their bodies need and regain their strength for tomorrow. I thank you for having taken care of the way back home, for not forgetting them and for placing the food that is essential to share it.

I also want to ask you for people who are in need, for those who suffer from health problems, for children who do not have their relatives, for people who have lost their joy or who are submerged in despair. You have compassion on them, Lord, and help them find the path they need for their happiness, show them your face and give them the faith necessary to believe in your promises.

Thank you Lord of love because I know that my prayers are being heard. I will sleep with the full conviction that your mercy will pay attention to this humble prayer and will grant me the new day that I need to continue in the search of your path, all this I ask of you, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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