Night prayer for December 8

God of life, I want to thank you because one more day culminated under your watchful eye. I thank you, heavenly Father, because throughout the day you did not leave me alone, you were always in my moments of joy and in my moments of sadness, aware of my needs as the Father that you are.

My Lord, I thank you for all the joyous moments that happened today. Thank you because my work went well, because my family stays together, thank you because you allowed me to serve you from many areas of my life. Thank you because you wrapped my day with your love and because, even at night, your presence persists making me happy and blessed.

Thank you, Merciful Father, for the bad times that I had to go through. For the moments of illness, for the moments of anguish, for the moments of sadness, for those moments where I feel that I cannot get up. In the bad times, I feel your presence is much more dependent on me, so as not to let me fall, so as not to feel defeated, to serve as a consolation in the face of so much pain. Thank you because in adversity you remain faithful.

Tonight I just want to thank you for your kindness and your mercy, because you offer me many things without deserving it. Thank you for the beautiful miracle of my life. I thank you for the lives of my relatives, for their work, for their studies, because at the end of the night we can meet again around our table to share food that you give us. Thank you because you always protect us and because you give us unity and harmony.

Father of mercy, You know how great the problem that I have been going through, You know how much concern it brings me and how much I am suffering from this misfortune. Give me the strength and courage to face all this worry, grant me the wisdom to solve this problem in the best way possible and to be able to rejoice with joy when I am victorious from it.

I also want to ask You for mercy, Divine Father, for the people who have not finished their day well, for those who are afflicted by illness or who are victims of injustice, so that they may find comfort in You and a voice of hope that encourages them to continue.

May the night take with it my worries, my burdens and my sadness. Grant me a full rest and restore my energies that will serve me to tempt a better chance of achieving my goals tomorrow, Heavenly Father.

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