Morning Prayer for January 9

Precious Lord, today I prostrate before your presence to thank you for this great day that you grant me. I thank you in this humble prayer for this day that is about to begin. Thank you because my eyes are open with enthusiasm and my lips only want to praise you and bless you for your magnificent love from a very early age.

Thank you, dear Father, because you provide me with everything I need. It is good to praise you, to give you honor, glory, and honor forever and ever, because your wonders are beautiful and your love without measures is precious. I ask you to stay with me for the rest of the day, to be certain and assured that everything will go well.

This morning, my God, I put everything in your hands, I put all my strength, my energy, and my abilities at your disposal. Blessed God, only You will know how to lead what I offer You, along the paths that will fill me with your favor, that will fill me with success and abundance.

That I can have prosperity in business, that I can overcome the debts that I have, and that I can achieve an economy that allows me to live in peace. Guide me on the path of success, enlighten my steps and my mind so that the decisions I make are the best. Surround me with your love and your mercy, I put all my trust in your Divine Providence.

Remove the evils from my side, remove all disturbances and all temptations that could make me fall. Help me to discern what things are best for me and to choose my options carefully and sensibly. My Lord, I only want to serve You well on this day and that is why I want to know more about You, as my Father, as my savior, and my God.

Blessed Father, you know everything about me, the good and bad things that are within my being, you know the desires of my heart and what may worry me. That is why I ask you to alleviate the sorrows that I may experience, to help me overcome the illness that I may have or that problem at home that has my spirits on the ground.

You are the best refuge for my problems and the comfort I need when things do not go as I expect. Give me patience, Divine God, so as not to despair when the plans I have been slow to be achieved, give me the peace of mind to think that it is not the time and that You will give me what I need in your time.

This morning, I want to ask you for my family, for those who hold an important place in my heart. I ask you that you can give them what they ask for, that you do not abandon them and that you can grant them the favor they seek. May they be worthy of your grace to receive all the blessings you have for them. May my home be a witness of your immense love and may it be a reflection of the harmony you want for the world.

Blessed Father, I put everything in your hands. Do not leave me at any time today. I offer you my home, my joys, and my sorrows. Now I am about to start the day with your blessing upon me. All this I ask in the sacred name of your Son, Jesus. Amen.

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