Night Prayer for December 9

My beloved Lord, precious King of Kings and Lord of the Universe, I come before You on this beautiful and serene night, to thank You for your love, for your blessings and for your great mercy that was manifested in my life throughout this day.

Now I am about to rest my body from all the activities that I had to carry out. I know that you are a merciful God and that is why I ask you not to take into account all the bad things that I could do. Forgive me if that day I was filled with pride and did not help my brothers, if perhaps I had impure thoughts or bad feelings that do not come from You. Forgive me Lord because I do not control my weaknesses and I constantly fall into what I have promised not to fall.

Merciful Lord, I am a weak son but who returns repentant in search of your forgiveness. Remove all this guilt that I feel in my heart and erase from my mind all thoughts of reluctance, pride and suspicion to rest peacefully trusting that you will give me one more chance to change.

Tonight, Holy Lord, I want to place all my trust in You, ask You for my family and thank You for allowing them to return home well after a long day of work. Thank you because with them I can enjoy many moments of joy. Thank you also because you keep us united although there are many moments of difficulty and your love manifests itself to bring us together when we need each other.

Walk by my side in difficult moments, when doubt arises and when there is a problem to be solved. Grant me the calm I need, blessed God, to know what solution to give, to know what decision to make and to understand what your will is.

You are my peace, my calm sea, my remedy for illness. Dear Lord, on this majestic night, I ask you to take into consideration the plans I have for my life and administer them in such a way that they bring much favor to me.

I believe in you, merciful Father, in your power and I know that your fidelity is huge. That is why I ask You to bring me a little closer to You, to guide and direct me, to guide me and protect me, to give me a restorative rest to continue standing glorifying your powerful and holy Name.

I thank you, Father of love, because I know that you will give me one more day to continue on your path, to continue persevering and to achieve the desires of my heart. Help me to always give my best to live the days that you give me with great joy, in the blessed name of Jesus I ask you, Amen.

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