Morning Prayer for January 10

Blessed God, thank you I want to give you for this new day that you grant me. Thank you for the health that you lend me so that I can open my eyes and start this new opportunity. Thank you because you have allowed my family to wake up with me as well and because you do not allow my home to go through great needs.

My Lord, may this new morning be very profitable for me. Help me to know how to recognize that these gifts, which live on You, are very special gifts that you have with your children, that show all the love you have for me and that you are willing to give me everything if I ask you.

Divine Lord, may my prayer grow stronger every day, may my words be fluent as I address You, may praise spring like a fountain of water from the bottom of my heart. And may my soul never tire of glorifying and blessing You.  For everything, you do for me.

Pious Lord, I want to ask You this morning about the problems I am going through. You are the one who takes charge of my life, stands on my mind, and helps me to develop the best solutions for every negative aspect that my life has. Lighten my burdens and remove the sorrows from my head, so that this day I can dedicate only to You.

Pour out your mercy and your holy spirit on my home, precious God, cleanse the hearts of each of my relatives and give them a new life, may your love make harmony, peace, and happiness reborn in them. May the bond between us be stronger and stronger and may you become the center of attention in my house.

This morning I want to ask you, beloved Father, for all the people who need your presence. I beg you for those who have decided to have lived immersed in this world of evil, sadness, and disobedience. Mercy for those people who are discriminated against. Protect those who do not have what to eat, and people who constantly suffer, so that they may find comfort and refuge in your holy love.

Lord, give me the certainty that your love is always with me, show me that your fidelity is unmatched and that you are ready to listen to every prayer that I raise with faith and devotion. Let my heart rejoice and praise you knowing that I am your child and that you love me above all.

My beloved king, watch my steps; May the paths I walk on may your light shine. Remove from me all kinds of malicious thoughts or any evil that can break my peace of mind. May the enemy not influence me. My Father, fill me with your forgiveness.

Father of mercy, only in your arms can I feel safe, I completely abandon myself to your grace and your providence, that this day I can achieve everything I have in mind and that you can help me to maintain calm, tranquility, and firmness before the adverse situations. All this I ask in the name of Christ, your Son. Amen.

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