Night prayer for November 2

My adored Redeemer, one more day ends with your company. It seems to be the right moment to approach You and present myself with a sincere heart, free from ties and secrets, because You, the God of mercy, have given me the joy of living a day more in his presence. I want to dispose of myself before You, blessed Lord because there is no better place than to be at your feet.

On this beautiful night that adorns our sky, I want to praise and bless you, Lord, because I have been able to feel you in each of my activities. Thank you, good Father, because you were with me in every moment of this day, in each person with whom I shared, and in each experience that taught me.

Thank you, Eternal Father, because in these moments of prayer I can realize how great it is to love that. You have for each of your children. Thank you, incomparable Lord, because you gave me the strength not to decay and the wisdom to fulfill all my obligations well.

And if there was a moment in which my faith was weakened, I ask your forgiveness, my Lord, because I believe in You, but many times I feel disturbed by so many things that happen. Forgive me too, my Lord, if I did not understand my neighbor, if I sinned in many ways, and if I did not act like a true child of yours.

Sometimes it is not easy to face the difficulties of each day, my Lord, that is why I ask You to forgive me and help me overcome those tests each day.  I can improve in every aspect and can move forward trusting that You will never leave me, in which you support me and lift me with your mighty right hand.

Only You know everything I have lived through this long day, Lord, my joys, my sorrows, everything I had to endure and those injustices that were committed against me, but God of my life, despite the fatigue and the Feelings that overwhelm me, I have the certainty that You are taking care of my life and the lives of everyone around me.

Please, blessed Lord, cover my life with your precious cloak, deliver me from evil and guard my home against all danger, from any accident or misfortune that may occur tonight. May peace, tranquility, and hope reign over my house. Unite us, O merciful Lord, with bonds of love, so that quarrels may cease and we may be more understanding with each other.

My heart needs you, my God. I put in your hands tonight and the day that awaits us tomorrow, according to your will. I stay with you knowing that you listen to my prayer and take it because you never leave the pleas of your children unanswered, my good Lord. Thank you for listening to me and thank you, too, because I know that I will sleep under your care and protection, in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

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