Night prayer for November 3

God of love, the night has accompanied us and I come before You to thank You for the day that You gave me. I bend my knees under your powerful presence and I ask tonight for your blessing so that I can rest peacefully and regain my strength.

I can only thank you for the infinite love that you show me, Lord, because you do all the wonderful things to get my attention because you are always willing to listen to my prayers, and because your mercy forgives me for the mistakes that I could commit.

Tonight I ask your forgiveness, Oh my God, for the mistakes that I could commit. Sorry because I am weak and I get carried away by anger, resentment, and suspicion. Forgive me, Blessed Lord, if my actions caused pain to my brothers and to the people around me, because I cannot be tolerant and because I failed in what I promised not to fail again.

Lord, I have to thank you tonight because you gave me a beautiful family, because you always care about them and because you never abandon them. Thank you for making them return home safely and for always keeping us united in the face of life’s adversities. I ask you to give us the patience to understand each other and the abundant love to support each other.

Make them always give you honor and glory at the end of their days, Divine Lord, that they can know that it is You who allows everything in their lives and that they understand that you do everything for them too. Protect them from all evil and grant them the grace of prosperity in their ways, God of victory.

Thank you again, adored Lord, for the good and bad times that I had to go through. Teach me to understand that if things take a different course from my plans, it is because You have something much better prepared. Help me to be patient and to be very tolerant, my God, to be able to reflect your love in my behavior and to be, every day, your better child.

I ask you to give me a new day full of new challenges and new hopes, Lord. Help me to grow in prayer and to communicate with You many times because my soul thirsts for You. Tonight, increase my faith, renew the pact of love that you have with me and give me the certainty that I will rest knowing that you take care of my dreams.

Now I am going to sleep, good Father, and I ask you to descend your spirit on me and protect me from all disturbances and all evil. May my rest be calm, pleasant, and restorative to face the new dawn and live a new day, according to your holy and perfect will. All this I ask and thank you tonight, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen.

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