Night Prayer for November 4

Dear Lord, I come before You tonight to glorify Your holy name and to thank You for the blessings You have put my way. Thank you because even at night, you do not rest and you continue to care for me, loving me, taking care of me, and blessing me.

Thank you, Father, because you have many details with me, many reasons that make me happy. Thank you, because you have a plan with my name because you have put me on earth to always seek happiness and fulfill your commandments. Accompany my dreams tonight and allow me to rest easy and calm.

I want to ask your forgiveness if there were times when I did not act according to your word, Lord, ask your forgiveness, because I let bad things have much more force than me and because I make the same mistakes every day. Take pity on my actions, bless God, and please forgive me for all the wrong that I have committed on this day.

Tonight I ask You for my family, for the people who surrounded me during the day, and for all those who have not yet come close to You. Grant us the grace of union and may your love be reflected in each of our actions, Lord. Always walk with us like a lighthouse that guides this humble boat on the sea.

I also ask You, merciful Lord, for the people who are going through difficult times, those who are far from You, and who feel that their strength has been exhausted. Be You the food they need to replenish their energy and the water to quench their thirst. Give them a lot of strength and patience to bear all their burdens, for You support them when they least imagine it.

Help me, merciful Father, to overcome this difficult problem that I have to face. You know him, that’s why he asks you to give me the peace of mind and calm necessary so as not to despair and to be able to make the best decisions that help me guide everything. You know how important this situation is to me, Lord, that is why I ask your intercession on my behalf.

I thank you again for everything you give me, Oh my good God, because you always try to speak to me and because you remain faithful despite my mistakes and my failures. Grant me the grace to be able to rest my body and my mind, because I need your peace to recover the energies that I invested in this day.

Thank you, Lord, because I know that you will listen to my prayer, because I trust that it is You who speaks to me through your Word and because I have the certainty that, if it is your will, You will grant me one more day of life as a gift of love, in the Merciful name of Jesus, Amen.

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