Night prayer for November 5

Blessed God, tonight I can only be thankful for the blessings you put into my day. Thank you for all the times you allowed this to happen, the good times and the bad times. Thank you because you have a purpose for everything and because you always take care of every detail of the plan you have for me.

Thank you, dear Lord, for the good moments, because in them you show me your incomparable love, because you show me your joy for being my Father and because I know that in my happiness, you are very present. Thank you, also wonderful Lord, for the moments that are not so good, because in some way you help me understand that you are present to be my refuge, my comfort and to dry my tears.

However, I must also ask your forgiveness, my Lord, for the bad times that I allowed. Sorry because there are times when I let adverse situations overwhelm me and turn into concerns that generate doubts. Forgive my weaknesses, Godly Lord, forgive my questions and forgive my bad attitudes.

Forgive me tonight, blessed God, because sometimes I came to doubt your power and your goodness, because I caused harm to my brothers with some inappropriate behavior or with some extra comments. Give me firmness in my decisions and courage in my actions, do not allow the enemy’s temptations to affect me.

Tonight I ask you to have mercy and mercy on my actions. I beg you that your love is greater than my faults and that you can absolve all my mistakes today, of which I regret, because now I understand that your love is stronger and greater than all, merciful God.

I want to thank you, Divine Lord, because you give me the happiness of enjoying my family. Thank you because you allow them to find their way back home, because you place the food on our table so that we can regain our strength and because you bless us with your love to keep us together overcoming problems and supporting each other.

For all this, tonight I give glory to your name and rejoice in your love, victorious God. Now that my body is tired, I ask you to clear my mind of worries so that I can rest at ease and regain my energy. Become my refuge and my shield against nocturnal evils, Lord.

I thank you in advance, incomparable Lord, because I have complete confidence that my prayer has been heard. Thank you because I know that you do not reject contrite and humiliated hearts. Give me the possibility of living another day by your side, pious Lord, to enjoy the people I love and the blessings that You have prepared for me, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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