Night prayer for November 6

Almighty God, I turn to You with great faith and devotion tonight, because I want to entrust myself to your presence in these moments when the day is ending. How beautiful it is to know that night is coming and I can feel your presence accompanying and guiding my life. Thank you very much, Lord, for all the things that happened to me today, for those that caused me joy, and for those others that did not turn out as expected, because, within the situation, there is a learning that You give me, blessed Father.

I thank you, under this night sky, Lord of my life, because today you provided my needs. Thank you, good Father, because you do not turn a deaf ear to my pleas, because You are with me at every moment, even when I think that everything seems lost. Thank you, my beloved God, because today I could feel surrounded by your love, by your mercy, and in this night that stretches in the sky, I cry out to you and ask for your blessing.

Come live in my house, incomparable God, come and walk through all the rooms, through each space of my home. Send the presence of your paraclete Holy Spirit like a torrent of living water on each of my family members and unite us with your love, soak us in your blessings, and put in me a clean and pure heart to adore and praise You as only You deserve, Lord.

I want to thank you, on this beautiful night, Lord, because you have allowed me to successfully carry out my activities for the day. Whether at work, in my study center, at home with my chores, and for each of the tasks that I did today. I thank you because you always worry about me and mine.

Now I am about to rest with my family, Lord, not without first begging you to take care of us tonight and watch over our dreams. Do not let the evil of this world break our rest. Guard us against nighttime dangers, unexpected accidents, natural disasters, and any misfortune that is likely to surprise us. Please help us to fall asleep and to have that restful sleep that we so much need.

I give you my heart, Father of goodness, my mind, and my soul, because I want to be free tonight before I go to sleep. I ask you to please help me so that the sadness, thoughts, and ideas that haunt my mind do not overwhelm me, take away my sleep, and cause me concern. Take all those things, Lord, and help me to rest peacefully.

If it is your will, my Lord, allow me to see the light of the new dawn so that I can continue working to fulfill my dreams and desires. I ask you with all my heart, that you take all my pending issues and resolve them as you will, Lord, that the problems of tomorrow do not overwhelm me, but rather, fill me with hope for a better future.

Thank you for taking care of me and all mine, wonderful God. Now I am about to rest easy, sure that You surround us with your protective arm and give us peace and tranquility. I remain with you, Lord, in the merciful name of Jesus, our Savior. Amen.

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