Night prayer for November 7

Kind Lord, it is night and my only hope at this time is to be able to approach You, with a heart willing to be in your presence, because I want to thank You for each and every one of the blessings that you gave me today, for every moment that I went through and because, at the end of this day, I can be at home, safe and sound, knowing that You take care of me and protect me from all evil.

Thank you very much, blessed Lord, for taking care of me and my family, and thank you, especially my God, because although there have been moments of melancholy, anguish, and grief, You were in each of them, hugging us with your love and putting a light of hope on our way. Thank you, my Lord, because I know that each of my problems and difficulties is placed in You and I trust that You will give them a solution.

Incomparable Lord, in this dark night that accompanies me, I want to take some time also to ask you for my family. I leave them today in your holy hands so that you come and take our dreams and those desires that we keep in our hearts. Give us the rest we need to repair the strength of our tired bodies and grant us, if that is your will, the opportunity to wake up to a new day full of new expectations.

Heavenly Father, You know everything I have lived through on this day. You know those concerns that torment me and take away my sleep, so I ask You to be the one who has your powerful hand over each one of them, whether they are economic or labor problems. , relatives or any kind of situation that I can get out of hand. I am sure that You hold me and that You will never let me fall, God of my life.

It is late, my God, and my mind flies, losing itself between fears and uncertainties. Please, do not allow me to lose sleep due to ideas and discomforts, help me to sleep in your presence, Lord and may I rest trusting in your promises, because if You are by my side, nothing and no one will be able to defeat me, my Lord.

In a very special way, I want to ask you tonight, good Father, for those people who do not have food to put in their mouths, food with which to provide the table of their home, I ask you, my merciful Lord, that you pour yourself in abundance over them, provide them with a job to earn their livelihood and make me and everyone around me, an instrument of your love.

I praise you and bless you, my Lord, I exalt your name because I know that you are listening to me, because I know that you take this prayer and I have the assurance that when I sleep, You will be acting, taking each one of my needs and making them a reality. according to your will.

Thank you, God, of love, for fixing your gaze on me tonight. Thank you, Father, of goodness, because tonight you will be taking care of me with my family and protecting my home. You are the path that I want to follow, the truth that I want to know, and the life that I always want to live, my blessed Lord. I stay with you commending my prayers to the perfect name of Jesus. Amen.

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