Night Prayer for November 8

Dear Lord, thank you again for the day that is coming to an end. You who illuminate the darkness of the night, allow me to rest peacefully and have a new dawn with much enthusiasm and joy. Thank you because you walk by my hand throughout the day and do not allow me to decay.

I thank you because you are always present and ready to help me when I need you. Thank you for always taking my hand in moments where it is more difficult and making me rest on your arms. Relieve my sorrows, O God, to continue standing before the world and on my knees before You.

Thank you magnificent God, because throughout this day you have become my rock to make me strong, the friend who never stops supporting me, and the Father who gives me his love without measures. Do not separate for a moment from my side, because without You, my life would have no meaning whatsoever.

Forgive me if I made mistakes if I offended the people around me and in case I forgot to help those who needed me. I ask you to grant me the gift of humility to see my brothers with great patience and to help them in whatever way I can, O Holy God, take off all the feeling of pride and self-centeredness that does not allow me to serve as I should be.

God of love, I ask you for my family, for all those who are important to me. You know that they are going through moments of anguish and great concern. Relieve their pains and lighten their burdens, may they have a refuge in You, and may they always revive in your love. Increase their faith and help them pray together always.

Help me not to decline in adversity, to get out of this problem that I have, and to find the best solution. Give me the necessary intelligence, discernment, and wisdom that this situation implies to always choose the best answers and emerge victorious from the test that corresponds to me.

Tonight I want to ask You in a special way for the people who do not know You, for those who are blinded by the world and who day by day get further away from You. Have mercy on them and help them find the correct path of love, the path that leads them to the gates of your kingdom, blessed Father.

Thank you Father of love because I know that my praise is heard with pleasure. Grant me the happiness of sharing one more day with the people I love. Give me the joy of enjoying the miracle of life once more if it is your will, in the victorious name of Jesus, Amen.

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