Night prayer for November 9

Thank you, Oh my Lord, because one more night you are by my side to protect and take care of me. I thank you that you have allowed me to find my way back home in good health and full of joy knowing that tomorrow will be a better day.

This beautiful night I ask You for me so that you mold my heart to the way you need it so that you increase my faith and make me trust you more and more every day. Help me not to despair and to continue fighting whenever the occasion requires it. With you, by my side, there will be no battle that I cannot win.

Eternal Father, may my prayer be constant and strong. Help me to recognize your voice in that silence in the privacy of my room, speak to my heart, and make me understand that everything you do is out of love for me and that you have a very beautiful plan for my life. May I wait on you and trust your promises.

Tonight I pay homage to you, I offer you my praise and my honor. You are the center of my life and the reason why I continue to exist. You took me away from a world full of evil, disorder and put everything in its place. You know the exact moment to grant me the things that I ask of you, the right moment to show me your love, and the precise moment to be wonderful.

Now that I am in your presence, I ask you to cleanse my soul of all the bad feelings that I may have today. You know that I am weak, that I fall easily before temptations and trials,  that is why I ask your holy forgiveness. You know that when anguish knocks on my door, worries overtake me and I fall into despair. Sorry, sir.

I know that I am not worthy of Your forgiveness, but I cry out to You as the sentinel at dawn and I also ask for my family, for their lives, for their actions, and for those who do not yet know You so that You help them to recognize Your presence in all the blessings you put in their lives, blessed God.

Heavenly Father, take away from me all kinds of worry and discomfort, may tomorrow bring its own worries and only allow me to rest my head on my pillow and rest.

Thank you, blessed Father, for all the wonders that you put before my eyes. Stay a moment by my side and take care of my rest, that while I sleep, your powerful hand covers the whole place protecting me from everything that may disturb my sleep and that your mercy grants me new dawn, all this I ask and thank you in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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