Night prayer for November 10

My Lord, the night is present in my home and I am about to rest my body to find a good rest and try to do better things tomorrow. I thank You because until now You remain with me showing me that I am important to You, O blessed Lord.

On this occasion, I want to thank you for the kindness that you placed in my life, for my work, for my studies, for my family, for my marriage, for my children, for my brothers, for my friends, and for all the beauty that you put in me. day to remind me of your infinite love.

Dear Lord, tonight I ask you to receive my heart as an offering of love. This heart is worn out by what it has to endure because it has to deal with many battles and because it suffers from great anguish. Give me the strength I need to be able to continue in the fight and stay close to me.

Feed me your love and quench my thirst for justice. Relieves the pains of my body and the wounds of my soul. Almighty Lord walks by my side so as not to fall into trials, be the lookout of my lighthouse and the protector of my heart so as not to be exposed to temptations.

Tonight cleanse the evils that nested in my heart, wash away my sins and purify my soul. Lord, I know that I have committed many insults this day and I ask your forgiveness. I have many fears and that makes me doubt your presence, your existence. Give me the calm I need to understand that you allow some moments to serve me as learning.

Sorry because there are circumstances where my actions harm my brothers and offend my neighbor. Pour your mercy on me and grant me the forgiveness I long for to rest easy under your gaze. In times of doubt and difficulty, walk with me, Lord.

My holy Lord, your goodness is infinite and your love has no comparison. You are the almighty and the king of my life, I am happy to trust that your prayer will reach your ears. Thank you for how wonderful it is to be in your presence tonight and for standing by my side as a faithful friend.

Thank you for listening to my request. If it is your holy will, allow me to have a new day to dawn and face my battles, again. Make me rest to regain my strength, let your spirit descend and settle on me to sleep peacefully in your love, in the blessed name of Jesus, Amen.

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