Night prayer for November 11

Precious Lord, tonight I raise my prayer to You to thank You for the wonderful things that You put in my way on this day. Thank you that you took care of me, thank you that you watched my steps and led them on the good path, divine God.

Tonight I can understand that the most necessary thing in my life is You and that You are closer than I think. You stay present in all the things that surround me and in the simplest situations: in the smile of a mother, in the love of a child, in the work of the worker, and the fruit of work.

My body is tired and my mind saturated with worries, I need to replenish my energy and rekindle my spirits. Pour out your holy spirit on me and allow me to rest in calm and tranquility, that my mind is not disturbed by bad thoughts, and let tomorrow bring with it the burdens that it must bring.

Merciful Lord, I thank you on this serene night, for my family and for the people I love the most. Thank you for taking care of her day and for guiding her steps back home. Bless their labors and make them see you every day as the center of their lives, merciful God.

Beautiful God, may my lips praise you forever and may the most beautiful prayers come from my heart that reaches your presence as offerings of my love. Do not stop talking to me for a moment, nor to manifest yourself in my life, King of the Heavens.

Thank you, my good Lord, because from heaven you send help so that I do not shipwreck during my crisis, thank you that you have put my name in the precious inheritance of the Kingdom of Heaven. Thank you for listening to the cry of my heart and for your infinite mercy.

Blessed Lord, I know that what I lay at your feet will multiply and I will have it in abundance. That is why I put all my joys and hopes, my illusions and my hopes so that you can take them and allow them one by one to come true. Give me the confidence to believe that good things are going to happen.

Thank you, God, because I raise my prayer with great hope and because I trust that you will grant me what I ask of you. Give me a night of peace and renewal. Allow my body to rest and, if it is your will, give me the possibility to share a new sunrise with those I love, in the name of Jesus, our Savior. Amen.

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