Night prayer for December 11

My Lord, tonight I come before your presence to thank you for all the moments lived today.I want to praise you on this quiet night, to say that you are the King of my life and of my heart, that every knee will bend before your magnificent presence. You alone are worthy of all glory and honor. Tonight and forever and ever.

Beautiful Lord, may your precious blood cleanse the evils that I have accumulated on this day. Forgive my sins and do not take into account the mistakes that I could make. May your mercy be poured out on me to give me the forgiveness I am looking for.

Forgive me, Father of love, if there were actions in which I should not have offended my brother. Have mercy on me, if there were moments where pride overcame me. I believed myself to be self-sufficient to achieve my goals without your help. I did not want to be indifferent to my neighbor’s moments of despair. Help me to improve over time, blessed Lord, help me to become a better servant of yours.

Tonight, kneeling in front of my bed, I want to thank you because, despite all the mistakes I made, you continue to give me blessings. Thank you for giving me a home where I can take shelter. Thank you for the necessary food to survive. Thank you to my beautiful family with whom I can share all this.

My God, I want to thank you for protecting my path and guiding my steps throughout this journey. Thank you for showing me the horizons I must seek and the seas I must navigate. Thank you because at all times you hold my hand and do not leave me alone when I feel worried.

Tonight, I give you every aspect of my life, everything good for you to multiply and everything bad for you to transform and alleviate it. Stay safeguarding my home and watching over my dreams, to rest and replenish the strength I lost today, beautiful God.

Please, give me your mercy and your blessings, Divine Father, reach all parts of the world. Where there is a need for hope and where there is a need for love.

Now I am about to rest confident that you will give me a new opportunity to continue on my way. I raise my prayer for You with great humility and devotion to protect my rest, the rest of my family, and my home. If it is your will, blessed Father, give me the grace of a new tomorrow, I ask all this in the name of blessed Jesus, Amen.

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