Night prayer for November 13

Merciful God, one more day is over and the night is with us. I go to sleep and rest my body to regain my energy, always hoping to have a new day full of opportunities and challenges that I can achieve.

Blessed Father, I want to thank you for the countless good things that happened, for sharing moments with my family and friends, because you give me a job with which I can support myself because you give me the opportunity to study to train as a professional and for the health that I enjoy to carry out all my activities.

However, I know that I have made many mistakes, many omissions, and also offenses. I apologize if my behavior has affected my colleagues, my family, or my own life. I need your forgiveness, merciful Lord, to calm this guilt that burdens my heart. Hear my humble plea so that I can reconcile myself with your love.

Tonight, Lord, I want to put all my worries, my burdens, and my problems at your feet. I know that I cannot continue with my strength and that I need You to achieve my goals. Relieve my worries, clear my mind and help me overcome the obstacles of this life to go with your hand on the path of victory.

I also give you thanks because you make my family always stay together, because you increase the love and affection in its center and because day by day they get to know each other more and more. Thank you for bringing them home safely and for putting on our table the food that will allow us to sustain ourselves. You are very kind and generous to us, for that, we give you infinite thanks.

I ask you for their lives and for the moments of difficulty that they may go through. Keep us united and support us at all times, help us to pray together for your love to reign in our family.

Heavenly Father, I need to have a complete rest from my body that feels fatigued from today’s journey, clears my mind of the worries that it may have accumulated, and frees my heart of all the feelings of resentment that it may have. Lord, be my guardian and my shield from evil disturbances.

Thank you, Lord, because I trust that my prayer will be heard and that you will give me one more day to enjoy it with the people I love the most. It allows my body to rest without any discomfort and with my mind clear. Protect my dreams and take care of me while I sleep, I ask this in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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