Night Prayer for November 14

Dear God, tonight I come to thank you for the journey, even though it has been long and hard, my strength is exhausted and my mind is tired. I ask you, blessed Lord, to help me fall asleep and thus be able to rest from all the moments that have happened today.

Good things have happened and not so good, however, the latter kept me tense, weak, and out of focus. You know of my weaknesses and of the things in which I can fail and I feel that this day I moved away from You. I forgot that you are always by my side and I wanted to face the trials with only my strength.

I beg your forgiveness, Lord, for believing that I am self-sufficient and that by turning my back on you I was going to make things happen in less time. I wanted to leave you out of my projects and I realized that I was dying of thirst without You and that I cannot continue if I do not have you by my side as my main support.

Heavenly Father, tonight I want to offer you my regrets and my sorrows so that your holy mercy turns them into joy since I return repentant for wanting to use my strength. Grant me the forgiveness that I come to beg you and help me to rest in your presence.

Thank you, God, because I know that you are always ready to listen to my prayers, because you lean towards me when I need to and because you do not go in front of me, but by my side, to carry me in hard times and to alleviate moments of grief.

If it is your will, give me one more day to live to have the opportunity to redo what I did wrong, to ask for forgiveness, and to forgive. One more opportunity to give my neighbor what I could not give him today and to serve you as I could not do it today.

Remove all disturbances and feelings of sadness, worries, and regrets from me, constantly increase my faith and teach me new ways to communicate with you. Speak to me with your holy word and make my heart understand what you want to say to me daily.

Give me a quiet night and help me rest. Take care and protect my dreams with your holy mantle and do not allow bad thoughts to invade my mind. Grant me a nice rest and new dawn full of blessings and much joy to live with the people who need and love me. All this I ask of You Lord, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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