Night prayer for November 15

Dear Lord, I once again prostrate myself on my knees in your presence to thank you for the day you gave me. I thank you, Father God, because you show me your infinite love in everything that happens and for this, I lift my eyes and raise my voice to praise you with all my might.

Lord, I know that I am nothing if you are not present in my life. I fully trust your judgment and I completely abandon myself to your will like a child learning in the arms of his father seeking his protection. I am not afraid of anything when you are by my side and I know that tonight you are still present in me.

Tonight I ask that your almighty hand cover my life and protect my dreams, that I drive away all evil and all temptation that may disturb me to have a rest that replenishes the energies that I left today.

Blessed Father, although I know that I am not worthy, I want to praise You and bless You tonight, because I have recognized that You are the only one who can fill my life with joy because You are the true Almighty God, the Name above all names and the precious King of my life.

Tonight, I am very happy because my family is united and overcoming the adversities of life holding your powerful hand. Thank you that they have found their way home and that you keep them in good health. Thank you for your work and labor that allows them to be sustenance for your home.

Heavenly Father, I want to ask You for this world that is distancing itself from You every day, for this world that sees what is most important in the material and neglects its soul. Have mercy on all people who act simply because they don’t know you. Make me give my neighbor a message of love and hope so that their life has a new horizon and they turn their gaze towards You, the only way of love and truth.

Thank you again for all the moments that I was able to enjoy today, for the good ones that filled my heart with joy, and for the bad ones that gave me time to reflect and understand that things do not always have to go as I plan and that your teachings come precisely in the most difficult moments.

I thank you infinitely, O Lord because I am sure that you hear my prayer and that you will take into consideration all my prayers. Give me the grace to rest peacefully and have a new day full of blessings, if it is your wonderful will, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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