Night prayer for November 16

God of my life, the moon is with us now and I am about to rest to replenish all the energy I used throughout the day. I want to thank you because you are always by my side and because you show me your magnificent love in everything you do for me.

I ask you Lord for all my plans that I have for tomorrow, if it is your will, grant me the grace to be fulfilling my objectives one by one. You know what I need and what I want to achieve. Put your powerful hand on my labors and bless them to achieve what I long for in this life.

Thank you, I want to give you for all the good things that happened to me today, because somehow I see your grace reflected in them, allowing my heart to be filled with joy and great satisfaction. All your blessings are wonderful, O Lord, and I am overjoyed when I understand that you do it because of your immense love for me.

I also want to thank you for the things that were not so good because they remind me that I have to have a lot of patience and calm to understand what you want for me. Because you remind me that we are not free from evil just by being in your way, that the temptations of the world are very strong, and that I need not let go of your hand to continue.

Tonight I want to ask you especially for my family, thank you because you are always aware of what they need, because your mercy is so great that you do not forget their requests. Thank you that throughout the day you took care of their work and poured out your blessings on their lives.

I ask you to keep us united and in constant prayer to be able to overcome the adversities that life can place on us, give us the understanding we need to be able to forgive each other and always move forward. Thank you so that you do not forget to place a plate of food on our table to nourish our bodies, dear Father.

However, Merciful Lord, I want to ask your forgiveness tonight for the faults that I could commit, for the mistakes that are frequent in me and that prevent me from serving You as You wish. Grant me the forgiveness that I beg of you so that I can rest with a clear mind with the promise of improving my failures, day by day.

Thank you, divine Lord, because I have the certainty that you will grant me a new day with new opportunities to fulfill my goals. I trust that you will take care of my dreams while I sleep and that you will avoid any disturbance from the enemy, because you are Almighty and the guardian of my life, in the name of Jesus’ beloved, Amen.

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