Night Prayer for November 17

Precious Lord, tonight I fall on my knees to thank You for the blessings you have granted me throughout this wonderful morning. It is already night, I am going to rest, but first I want to give you honor and glory for the beautiful miracle of life.

You are the almighty, the God of my life and my heart. The only one worthy of praise and adoration, because your goodness and mercy are infinite because your love fills my soul and your blessings fill my life. O my Lord, always stay by my side, closely following my steps and keeping them from all evil.

Holy are you, Lord of heaven, tonight I only want to honor your powerful name, because you are the center of my whole life and because you stay close for when I need refuge, consolation or simply to share my joy.

Thank you, Lord, because even in my storms you do not leave me alone, because in my illness I trust you a lot, because I know that you are the only doctor to cure my ills. Thank you because in moments of anguish you become my sustenance, my shield, and my consolation.

Tonight I ask You for this world that is increasingly sad, that has forgotten You, and that always falls into the routine of the material. Have mercy on everyone and pour out your mercy in each of their hearts so that they can understand that the path they take is not the correct one and that You are the path, the truth, and the life.

Grant them the grace to regain hope, to believe in You again, and to return to the path that they should never have left. Do not allow the evil one to completely take over their lives. Have compassion on all of them and give them the wisdom to make the best decisions in times of great distress.

Thank you again, dear God, for all the good that you put in my life, because your power is immeasurable, because your will is above all and because your mercy has no comparison.

Heavenly Father, I trust that my prayers will be answered and that you will grant me this new day that I ask of you. Thank you that you give me the certainty that you will protect me while I sleep and the worries that I accumulated today will leave my mind. My body needs to rest, I trust in You, my God and I ask and thank You in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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