Night Prayer for November 18

My Lord, on this night full of calm and silence, I prostrate myself before your presence to thank you for the beautiful day you gave me. Thank you because at all times of the day you were with me, making me make the best decisions and blessing my steps.

Thank you because, in this darkness, your light illuminates my whole heart, my whole soul. Your love is perfect and your plans too, I have full confidence that I am an important piece in the work you are beginning to build. I have faith that you will be there whenever I need you.

I want to ask you for this hopeless world. For the people who suffer too much from the pains of life, for those who, due to so much sadness, have forgotten their names and have turned in the wrong direction. Relieve their burden and give them the peace their hearts need after so much suffering.

Give them a break tonight and pour out your mercy on them. That they understand that your will is powerful and that there is always a reason why you allow things to happen. Calm their anguish and give them a light of hope for their lives.

Blessed Lord, thank you for all the moments that I was able to share with the people you put in my path. Thank you that during the day you did not let me fall into the hands of the enemy and you protected me. Thank you that my home is stable and there is always bread to share between us.

Thank you because I have everything I need to live happily because I have a home where I can rest and where I can reconnect with my family. Thank you for the new opportunities that have arisen and that require my best effort to achieve better things. Thank you because your love is never lacking and I am happy.

I want to rest, beautiful Lord, with the full confidence that you will take care of my dream, removing from my mind all kinds of worry and bad thoughts to sleep and replenish all the strength that I spent today where you took care of me and covered me with your love.

Tonight stay close to me and mine, prepare new opportunities for tomorrow and give us the strength to achieve what we set out to do. If it is your will, give me the happiness of getting up one more day and seeking to be a better child of yours. Pour out love, justice, and blessings in my life, become its center and increase my faith not to stop being in the battle, I ask you in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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