Night Prayer for November 19

God of love, tonight I prostrate myself before You to thank You for the day that is ending. Thank you because you gave me many blessings and many moments to share with the people I love the most. I thank you because day by day you become the protector of my life and the best reason to be happy.

Heavenly Father, on this serene night, I ask you to revive my life, to increase my faith that is worn away by anguish and worries. Help me to learn your ways and to be part of your plan, to understand that I have to leave my past behind to achieve a much better future by your side.

I thank you, blessed Father, because throughout this day you became my strength in the face of difficulties, in the face of my needs you were my endless source of love. Lord, you did not allow me to succumb to the storms and you helped me emerge victorious from the afflictions that afflicted me.

My Lord, You are the only one who knows what I am going through, you know my weaknesses and the mistakes I make, you know my faults and my moments of doubt. You know how much I need your mercy and your forgiveness. Grant me the grace to alleviate my guilt so that I can rest peacefully tonight.

I thank you because today you put your watchful eye on my family. Thank you because you took care of their way back home, because you blessed their work and because you allow them to enjoy good health so that they can carry out their activities without complications.

Thank you that we remain united despite all the difficulties and because your love makes us stronger and stronger. Do not allow our faith to wane, nor allow doubt to enter our hearts. Help us to come together in your name to give our home a greater presence of yours.

May the dawn of tomorrow be with a shining sun in the sky that shows your love for me. Help me to continue advancing on the path and to achieve my dreams, to sow on fertile land to reap with much hope.

God of my life, I offer you this prayer with all my heart, with great confidence I ask you to grant me one more day of life by your side if it is your will. Wrap my mind with your calm and allow my head to rest on my pillow to regain my strength, I ask you, dear Lord, in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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