Night prayer for November 12

Beautiful God, I thank you for having reached this end of the day, thank you because I am filled with satisfaction in experiencing your infinite love throughout the day. I have tried to make my actions please you and I have dealt with the trials that I have been able to face. You are a wonderful Father who does everything with a deep love for me.

This beautiful night, I want to ask You for the people who have not had a happy ending, for those who have experienced a long and tiring morning, for those who did not fully meet their objectives, and for others who doubted You when they did not get an answer to your requests.

Lord, give them the grace of your calm, your love, and your peace so that they can live in search of your presence. Precious Lord, may they not forget you, or turn their backs on you, may they feel the need for your presence in their lives. Show your mercy on them and give them the forgiveness they seek to return to the right path.

Thank you for every moment lived, for the moments that filled my heart with joy, and for the tears that I was able to shed. I know that in times of great need, of anguish, you are also present. My Lord, may I develop an edification apprenticeship every moment as your servant and child. Guide me along the paths that lead me to salvation and your Kingdom.

I give you the way to my home so that you may bless it and so that you are the guardian of my house. Thank you for allowing my family to return safely from the destinations they visited, thank you because at work I had a lot of productivity and so I can support my family once again. I put all my reasons at your feet so that you place your hands on them and grant their fulfillment.

This serene and calm night, I want You to be the last thought that I go to bed with, I want You to be my beginning and my end. Help me to trust that being by your side everything will go very well. My faith is weak, blessed Lord, increase it and reactivate the fire of my worn-out soul.

Remove all worry and discomfort from my mind. Cleanse my heart of all the mistakes and mistakes that I may have made throughout the day. Purify my soul and heal it from the wounds it afflicts. God of love, completely renew this son of yours, molding me like the clay molded by the potter.

Thank you Lord for the beautiful day you gave me, now I am about to rest to regain my strength and renew my mind of all the burdens that it can accumulate today. I ask you, please, to give me one more day in your presence, a day with new goals and new objectives to achieve, in the name of Jesus, all this I give to you and I ask you, Amen.

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