Night prayer for December 22

Merciful Lord, the night has come to my home. After this long bustle, I kneel before You to thank You for the moments that I had to experience. I ask You to grant me a good rest since I feel overwhelmed and fatigued by this long journey.

My God, although the day has not turned out as I wanted, I have to thank you because during those moments you were always by my side. You held my hand, preventing me from fainting or falling into some greater temptation. Thank you, blessed God, because you do not see the mistakes that I can make but the attempts I make to be better every day.

I beg your pardon today. I have felt discouraged. I have felt overwhelmed when tests were presented to me greatly exceeding me. I ask your forgiveness, Heavenly Father. After all, I did not have the strength to face my problems. I gave up without a fight.  I did not trust that you would fight my battles.

However, I thank you because, despite all the weaknesses that I show, you do not judge me and, on the contrary, you help me be better. You give me your love in full hands. You give me the hope I need to know that you will be there by my side and that you will not abandon me.

Eternal King of the universe, I thank you because, in the moments that I need your presence, you place my family. Thank you for your lives and your hearts. Thank you because they are always willing to help me and support me in the moments I need. Thank you because you take care of their health and grant them well-being so that they become my support.

Loving and kind God, may my family always be there when I need it, keep us united. We constantly pray together and can be a symbol of love and peace.

I ask you to grant me one more day, one more opportunity to restore everything that has not turned out as I expected. My Lord, take control of my activities, take control of my whole life so that you can take it along the paths that you want.

Father God, I thank you tonight because I know that you do not judge me because I know that the more I make mistakes, the more you forgive me, and the more you stay close to me. I ask you to keep my dreams tonight so what I can rest the pains of my body and my heart. I ask you with faith in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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