Night Prayer for December 23

My beloved Lord, I come before your presence to thank you for all the beautiful things that place before my eyes. Thank you because all your blessed creation is for me and because you allowed me to enjoy it throughout this day. Now, tonight and at the side of my bed, I prostrate myself before You to tell You how much I love You, my Lord.

Thank you blessed God for all the moments that I was able to experience, for the good things that you gave me that allowed happiness to rule in my home. That allowed the spirits to grow in the center of my work, and for those moments that will become great memories that bring back a smile every time we remember them.

Beautiful Father, thank you for granting me the happiness of being your son. Thank you because by receiving your blessing on this day, I tried to live my day as an instrument of your work, as a messenger that takes your word to the people who need you most.

Tonight, I want to ask you especially about the problem I am going through, for that illness that worries me. I beg you for that difficult to pay bank account for that family situation that I cannot resolve. Holy God, You know everything about me. The good and the bad about me are why I put these concerns at your feet. You can dispose of them and help me solve everything I have been imploring you.

Most High Lord of my life, you have called me by name to tell me how much you love me and to tell me the plans you have for me. Help me not to despair when things do not turn out as I expect them or when they are not full at the time I want them to. Always remind me that there is a plan that has my name on it and that you have not forgotten what I ask of you.

Lord of love, thank you for the precious family I have because you are aware of them. You do not let evil try to consume them. I ask you to help them have a peaceful rest, removing the worry from their heads and alleviating the burdens they have had throughout the day.

Give me one more day of life Lord, give me the opportunity to continue being your servant, and may your love be reflected in my actions. Let my faith infect others and that they can accept you as their Lord and only God. Now I am about to rest, trusting in your promises for tomorrow.

Thank you, Father, of goodness, because I know tonight you hear my prayers. God, don’t see the faults I have committed, nor the stains that my heart presents. Thank you for always waiting for me with open arms, for holding me, hugging me, and making me rest, in the name of blessed Jesus Christ, Amen.

FOTO PORTADA: Night prayer. Lord of peace, I beg you to open my mind to understand the plans you have for me. Tonight I want to thank you for the moments that I can share and experience. I trust that you always want the best for me. That is why I ask you to grant me one more day on your way. Amen.

FOTO CUADRADA: Good evening. God tells you: I bless you to be the blessing of others.

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