Night Prayer for December 25

Merciful Lord, a blue cloak covers the sky, the stars appear as a sign that one more day is coming to an end. Night has fallen, I am thinking about entering your presence, for every day you give me. My day has been full of experiences, unexpected mishaps, but above all, of many blessings.

With all my heart, in these moments my Lord. I present myself before You to thank You for every second of this day. Thank you, my incomparable God, because today I had a plate of food on my table. I was able to see my family, I had a livelihood for my home, and despite all the setbacks that may happen. I have been able to feel You by my side, Lord, encouraging me always to continue.

Thank you for every one of the things that you grant me, Holy Father, because many times I think that I do not even deserve them, because like everyone else, I am weak, I make many mistakes, but your mercy is great and you are a Father who does not get tired of forgiving. Thank you blessed Lord, thank you for that special love that you have for me and for all of us who believe in your Word.

On this night that accompanies us, Lord, I also want to thank you. Because you were with me at all times, especially in those situations that escaped my hands. At that moment like stress and tension, in that difficult moment that I had to go through. And that thanks to You, I was able to deliver in the best possible way.

As I am not going to thank you, blessed Almighty Father, if every time I felt that I was going to faint and that I could not take it anymore, your powerful hand would lift me up and I could feel you telling me not to give up, to move on because You are going with me were to want me to go.

That is why tonight, Daddy God, I put myself in your presence because I trust that You will help me to sleep, you will give me the rest I need to regain my energy and you will watch over my dreams, to ward off all evil and disturbances from my side.

Help me, blessed Lord, so that tonight I can leave at your feet all my worries and problems, those anguishes that cause me pain, and all those thoughts that do not come from You. Help me, Father of goodness, to abandon myself totally and completely in You so that I can go to rest with the hope of a better future and a tomorrow full of opportunities.Dear God, my whole life is in You. Let this night shine with your light in every corner of my home, cover my family while I rest, and take care of us from all danger and bad intentions. Give us a good rest my Lord, and if it is your will, allow us to open our eyes to a new day full of success in our activities, joy, happiness, and much blessing, in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen

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