Night Prayer for December 26

My God, the night ends my day. You stayed with me throughout my morning. I thank you for the moments that I had to experience, for those good moments, and for the moments that caused me sadness and discouragement. For all that, I ask you to stay with me for a moment longer tonight.

Thank you blessed Lord, because, despite the mistakes and failures I made, you never stopped holding my hand. Thank you because your mercy reaches me and cleanses the evils that were stored in my heart because, in moments of fatigue, you were the encouragement that I needed to overcome adversity.

Most High Lord, forgive my lack of decision and determination for difficult times. Forgive my fear because things can go wrong for me. Forgive me because the worries made me doubt and discouraged me easily. Lord, forgive me because I did not look for you and because I wanted to use my strength to solve everything.

Father of mercy, I know that you can do everything, that you want to try to see how far I can respond. My trust is placed in You to be able to resolve all the unfinished business of today. Give me the necessary wisdom to decide which options will be the best for my future.

Let me rest from my fatigue, Lord, clear my mind of tomorrow’s worries, and focus on replenishing my energies. Protect my dreams while I sleep, keep the enemy’s disturbances and bad thoughts away from me. Stay close to me, blessed Father, watching over my sleep.

God of my life, tonight, I have to thank you for my family, because you allowed them to return home safely. Because you blessed their work and because you give them health day by day. Take care of them and enlighten their path always, my God, so that they do not deviate from the true path that leads them to You.

Protect us tonight, blessed Father, hear our prayers, fill us with faith and hold us together in times where there is difficulty. Grant us the food on our table to nourish our body and You, with your powerful word, nourish our souls. Many people who do not have a good end of the day seek in You, the comfort they need.

Thank you, King of the universe, because I am convinced that tomorrow will be a very profitable day because I have faith that tomorrow I will be able to have a life full of opportunities and new challenges. Give me the joy of having a good rest, blessed Lord, and have a new tomorrow, if it is your will in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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